Bishop Bound for Georgia Highlands

The Ontario Nationals are proud to announce the collegiate commitment of Andrew Bishop, a First Baseman hailing from Kitchener, Ontario. Bishop is set to embark on the next step in his baseball journey with Georgia Highlands College (NJCAA D1).

Bishop's journey with the Nationals began in the fall of 2022. When asked about his decision to join the Nationals, Bishop remarked, "It is a good program that cares about developing their players. The coaches are knowledgeable and care about the players. The organization works hard to send players to the next level."

For Bishop, the essence of baseball lies in its team dynamics—the way each individual contributes to achieving a common goal. 

Described by those who know him best, Bishop is known for his hard work and unwavering effort. He's the player who gives his all every day and embodies the essence of a team player who thrives on the joy of winning.

Georgia Highlands College stood out to Bishop for its commitment to player development and its style of play. The prospect of working closely with the coaching staff and becoming an integral part of the team is what excites him the most about this new journey.

As Bishop prepares to don the Charger uniform, the Ontario Nationals organization extends their heartfelt congratulations. Bishop's dedication to the game and his team-first mentality align well with the values held dear by the Nationals. We look forward to witnessing his continued success as he steps up to the plate for Georgia Highlands College.