Heimbecker Heading to Cleary

The Ontario Nationals Baseball Club is proud to announce the collegiate commitment of Jackson Heimbecker, a talented catcher from Guelph, ON, to Cleary University (NAIA).

Heimbecker's journey with the Nationals began in 2022 and has been a testament to his dedication and skill in the sport he loves. After moving to Ontario from Alberta in 2019, Heimbecker sought to elevate his game. He recalls, " I kept hearing about the Nationals and their talented players and highly regarded coaches." This reputation for excellence and a proven track record of advancing players to U.S. schools influenced his decision to join the Nationals, where he found a culture of development and competition that aligned with his ambitions.

Heimbecker's passion for baseball is deeply rooted in its complexity and teamwork. "Baseball is not only physically demanding but also mentally challenging," he notes, highlighting his role as a catcher where strategy plays a crucial part. This love for the game's intricacies is echoed by his commitment to teamwork and sportsmanship, values that are evident to everyone around him.

Cleary University's appeal for Heimbecker was multifaceted. "I was immediately impressed by the baseball facilities, the campus, and the student housing” he explains. “As I learned more I was excited to hear about their unique business arts curriculum, their ‘personalized higher education experiences’, and their strong athletic programs." Heimbecker eagerly anticipates the blend of athletic development and business education that awaits him at Cleary.

Expressing gratitude, Heimbecker thanks the Nationals' coaching staff, especially Chris Iltshishin, for their invaluable guidance. "Thank you especially to Chris and all my Nats coaches who invested time and energy into helping me develop," he acknowledges.

As Jackson Heimbecker prepares to join Cleary University, the Ontario Nationals extend their heartfelt congratulations. Heimbecker's journey from Alberta to Ontario and now to Cleary University is a story of perseverance, passion, and commitment to excellence. The Nationals community is excited to follow his continued development as he embarks on this new chapter, both on the baseball field and in the academic arena.