Jayaweera promoted to team president

Ontario Nationals director of baseball operations, Jeremy Jayaweera, has been promoted to also perform the role of team president, previously held by 18U head coach, Shawn Gillespie. Jayaweera originally joined the Nationals in 2008 and played on the inaugural team coached by Gillespie. 

After moving on to play college baseball for two years at Sauk Valley Community College in Illinois and two years at Ashford University in Iowa, Jayaweera returned to the Nationals in 2014 to help continue to develop players as a coach.

He's coached several teams in the organization over the years and has played a big role in the day-to-day operations of the Nationals in recent years as director, but says he is ready to take on a bigger role. 

"I've been with the organization for some time now and this role is something I was really looking forward to. I've worked closely with Shawn Gillespie and he's been a great mentor to me, showing me how to run an organization and how to play a role in these young kids lives," says Jayaweera who also works as a scout for the Los Angeles Angels. "I really like the direction the organization is headed in and I look forward to continuing our focus of developing players who can play at the next level."

Jayaweera has coached several players with the Nationals who have gone on to play Divison I baseball and dozens of others who have moved on to the next level. We are excited to continue watching him work with and develop our young players.

Congratulations again to our new team president, Jeremy Jayaweera!