Nationals head to PBR Spring Training

For the second straight year the Ontario Nationals will send two teams to PBR Spring Training in Sanford, Florida to help get a head start on some outdoor baseball. 

While last year included roughly 12 teams, the spring training styled tournament has expanded to nearly 30 teams with several of those coming from the U.S. as well as a team from B.C.

Between the two Nationals team which will be divided up by an older age group and a younger, they will play games against teams Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. 

The week will also include a PBR showcase which will include posted statistics on the website as well as complete coverage during and after the event.

Listed below is the schedule of both teams and make sure to follow along through our social media as well as PBR's throughout the week for live video and updates.

Team 1 - older team
Team 2 - younger team