Snider Commits to St. Clair

The Ontario Nationals are pleased to share the news of Will Snider's college commitment to St. Clair College. A first baseman from London, ON, Snider joined the Nationals in 2022, adding to the team's already strong lineup.

Snider's journey to the Nationals was driven by his ambition to play in a competitive environment. Reflecting on his move, he said, "I joined the Nationals for my 16U season; it allowed me an opportunity to play with and against the best competition in the province while continuing to play in the CPBL."

The allure of baseball for Snider lies in its communal and challenging nature. "What intrigues me the most about baseball is the camaraderie with my past and current teammates, the relationships will last a lifetime," he explains. He further emphasizes the game's demands, noting, "Baseball is a challenging game; you need extreme focus and must have a mental toughness and an understanding of the process to endure the grind of the game. A player can do so many drills, exercises and research to develop their skills and knowledge. I am constantly learning about the history and mental side of the game."

Snider is known for his diligence and passion in all aspects of the game. His commitment to excellence is evident in his approach to hitting, defense, positioning, and base running. Recognized for his respectful attitude on and off the field, He stands out not only for his athletic prowess but also for his strong character. His holistic approach to the game makes him a valued member of the team and a role model for his peers.

The decision to attend St. Clair College was a thoughtful one for Snider. He was drawn to the school's focus on academics alongside athletic development. "I wanted to attend a school that put an emphasis on academics while also allowing me to develop into a better player and person," Snider shares. His future plans include studying Sports & Recreation Management and pursuing a Business degree. The welcoming nature of Coach Roberto Duncan, the staff, and the players, as well as the impressive facilities, played a significant role in his decision. "I immediately felt at home and was impressed when visiting the campus," he recalls.

As Will Snider prepares to begin his journey as a St. Clair Saint, the Ontario Nationals extend their warmest congratulations and look forward to witnessing his continued growth and success, both academically and athletically.