Steckle Commits to Lambton College

The Ontario Nationals are pleased to announce Bryson Steckle's commitment to Lambton College (OCAA). Steckle, a catcher from Zurich, ON joined the Nationals in 2020 for his 14U season and has been with the organization ever since.

Steckle chose to join the Nationals to enhance his baseball skills and play at a higher level, demonstrating his drive to excel in the sport from a young age.

For Steckle, one of the best parts of baseball is the camaraderie it fosters.  When asked what he loved most about baseball, he replied, "the people you get to spend time with and have fun with," highlighting the joy and lasting friendships formed on the field.

Described as a positive teammate with a strong competitive side, Steckle's presence both on and off the field has makes an impact. His dedication and enthusiasm for the game are qualities that have been appreciated by coaches and teammates alike.

Steckle was drawn to Lambton College not only for its athletic opportunities but also for its academic offerings. "The power engineering course is what caught my attention," he explained, showing his focus on both his athletic and academic futures.

As Bryson Steckle embarks on his next chapter at Lambton College, the Ontario Nationals extend their heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for his continued success both on the field and in his academic pursuits. Bryson also wishes to express his gratitude: "Thanks to the Ontario Nationals, coaches, teammates, family, and friends."