Thompson Commits to USC Sumter

The Ontario Nationals are delighted to announce that Kai Thompson, a dynamic Right Handed Pitcher hailing from Kitchener, Ontario, is set to light up the field at USC Sumter (NJCAA D1).

Since joining the Ontario Nationals in 2021, Thompson has been propelled by the pursuit of high-level play and personal development. His decision to join the Nationals is a testament to his unwavering dedication to mastering the art of baseball at its highest echelons.

Teammates know Thompson for his thunderous cheers and unwavering enthusiasm as he keeps his teammates motivated on the bench. Coaches admire his relentless work ethic, knowing he pours every ounce of effort into every play. To friends, he's known for being fun-loving and outgoing, always the spark of any gathering.

USC Sumter emerged as the natural choice for Thompson, offering an outstanding program, seasoned coaching, top-tier facilities, and a climate conducive to year-round training. These elements provided the final spark to solidify his decision.

The Ontario Nationals extend their most exuberant congratulations to Kai Thompson and his family on this momentous commitment. We are eagerly anticipating the thunderous impact Kai will make as a Right Handed Pitcher at USC Sumter. With his talent, tenacity, and the unwavering support of his teammates, he's sure to leave an indelible mark on the field.