Velo Pitching Partnership

Year-round training partnership with Velo Baseball 

We are excited to announce that we have officially partnered with Velo Baseball as the facilitator of all baseball training operations. Velo Baseball has been providing throwing and strength & conditioning plans for all Nationals for the past two offseasons and we have observed a significant improvement in our athletes’ athleticism and throwing/pitching capabilities. With this partnership we will see those training services expand to facilitate their training for our athletes year-round and with even greater depth. 

Current and incoming Ontario Nationals Players can expect the following as part of their player development package: 

● Unlimited, year-round usage of Velo Baseball facilities and available technology. ● Initial and ongoing movement-based assessments. 

● Individualized skill-based programming for hitters and pitchers. 

● Year-round strength & conditioning plans as well as unlimited gym access. ● Year-round support from all Velo Baseball staff while training in-facility. ● Access to high-performance training options. 

● Onsite physiotherapy services. 

As we continue to navigate through these trying times, we are as committed as ever to our players and coaches as well as their development. We are excited to see how taking a development-first approach will positively impact the recruitability of our athletes as they seek to play at the highest levels of this game. By leveraging the expertise of Velo Baseball and their ability to collect, organize and interpret valuable data in the training process, we are anticipating a very bright future for our club. We are confident that, as an organization, we will continue to grow significantly over the coming years and establish the Ontario Nationals as the premier high school baseball program within Ontario. 

Jeremy Jayaweera