What it Means to be a National

Getting ready for this upcoming 2021 season, we took the opportunity to connect with a few of our players preparing to move on to the next chapter in their baseball careers. We are so proud of our senior National players and were excited to get them to reflect on their journey through the National’s organization. 


We first asked our players a simple question to build on...what does it mean to be a National?  We asked what they are looking forward to about their last season, to reflect on their past seasons, and how they feel the Nationals benefited their progression through baseball and life. 


Alex Camilo – Outfield – College of the Desert Commit 


i.               Being a part of the Nationals program the last three years has shown me what it’s like to be a part of a good, hardworking environment both on and off the field. My teammates and coaches have always shown that hard work really does pay off.

ii.              I’ve been helped by numerous coaches over the past few years in all facets of the game, both mentally and physically. They have really helped shape me into the player I am today. 

iii.             I am very excited to have one last summer with the guys I’ve been playing with for the last couple years now.  Everyone has really bright futures ahead and I’m looking forward to the summer. 


Lucas Bateman – Catcher/First Base – Kankakee Commit 


i.               It’s been amazing to be part of such an amazing organization with high class coaches that do an amazing job preparing you for the next level. It’s been nice to have a dedicated catchers coach in the offseason to really fine tune my skills. 

ii.              There is a huge sense of family throughout the organization where older groups work hard to set an example for the younger teams. 

iii.             I’m looking forward to getting a full season in and go to battle every week with the boys and continue to make memories and get better. 


Alex Springer – Pitcher – Connors State Commit 


i.               Playing for the Nationals has been great, it has helped me grow as a person and as a teammate.  I have had the opportunity to meet so many great people throughout the organization that have taught me so much about the game of baseball. 


Justin Rogers – Infield – East Central College Commit 


i.               The Nationals provided an environment that made me into a batter baseball player, teammate, and person 

ii.              Travelling through Canada and the U.S.A. has allowed me to play against the best athletes, which has driven me to continuously improve my game. I realized the importance of attending practices and getting the most out of them through hard work, commitment, and focus. 


Eric Blamauer – Infield – Carleton University Commit


i.               Playing for the Nationals meant that I had coaches and teammates who wanted me to succeed at the next level and did everything they could to get me there.

ii.              I’ve improved my game more than I thought was possible, largely thanks to the Nats program. Every aspect has improved because of the diverse coaching staff and competitive environment we play in. 

iii.             This year I can’t wait to compete with the team and work as hard as possible to be ready for the fall. 



Will McCauley – Outfield – Uncommitted


i.               Being a part of such a great program in the Ontario Nationals has created a brotherhood with all the boys I’ve played with since my 15U team. It has helped shape me into the man I am today. 

ii.              The Nationals helped develop my game by allowing me to look at different aspects of baseball and trying to be one step ahead of our opponents. 

iii.             I’m looking forward to developing my game at a higher speed of play before heading off college.  Going into my last season as an Ontario National is kind of bittersweet; I’m looking forward to college, but I will definitely miss the bond with my teammates and coaches. 



We are so grateful for our senior players and the examples they have set for our younger players to follow. We can’t wait for one more season with them and wish them nothing but the best as they continue their athletic and educational careers